Cosmetic Surgery and Medical Clinic for Cosmetic Skin Care

In the office and under the medical care of Steven L. Garber, M.D., F.A.C.S., a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Facial Treatments

UltraDerm’s licensed clinical aestheticians offer relaxing, thorough and customized treatments, leaving your skin radiant and glowing. UltraDerm’s facial treatments consist of skin analysis, deep pore cleansing, steam, mild exfoliation and extractions, followed by a customized masque and hydration and ending with sun protectant.

We offer several different facial treatments:

The Ultra Facial
This result-oriented facial begins with an individual skin analysis, followed by a gentle cleansing as well as a deep pore cleansing with steam. Microdermabrasion or a 70% Glycolic peel is incorporated into this treatment, as well as a customized masque suited to your skin type that hydrates and renews the skin. Your treatment is finalized with a nutrient rich moisturizer with an SPF 30.

• Allow 75 minutes for appointment

UltraDerm Signature Facial
Relaxation awaits you. Rejuvenate your skin as well as releasing tension from your shoulders, neck, décolleté and face with an aromatic and luxurious massage. Feel your mind unwind, and your body relax, as stress and tension melt away.

• Allow 60 minutes for appointment

Deep Cleansing Facial
A facial focusing on the reduction of impurities. Excellent results for problematic skin, especially when done in a series.

• Allow 45 minutes for appointment

Gentlemen’s Facial
A deep pore cleansing facial with a soothing treatment to calm the effects of razor burn and ingrown hairs. Includes grooming of eyebrows, nose and ear hair.

• Allow 60 minutes for appointment

Teen Facial
This facial will focus on exfoliation, extractions and education.

• Allow 30 minutes for appointment


Include any of these treatments and enjoy an added boost to your facial.

40% Glycolic Acid Treatment
Add 10 minutes to treatment time

Salicylic Acid Treatment
Add 10 minutes to treatment time

Lactic Acid Brightening Treatment
Add 10 minutes to treatment time

Collagen Facial Blanket
Add 20 minutes to treatment time

C-Esta Vitamin C Hand Treatment
Add 15 minutes to treatment time