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Ultimate Medical Excellence
Unique Beauty & Skin Health

About Us

UltraDerm is the premiere Santa Cruz MedSpa providing safe and heavenly beauty and health care for your skin and your body

Santa Cruz’s UltraDerm MedSpa is the premiere Plastic Surgeon’s medical clinic providing safe and heavenly beauty and health care for your skin and your body.  In the beautiful office of our Medical Director Steven L. Garner, M.D., F.A.C.S. a true and fully Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in local practice since 1993, UltraDerm offers you a wide variety of customized treatment options for your personal aesthetic enhancement. Our treatments and services range from medical grade home skin care products to laser skin enhancement and coveted facials peels only available in a physician’s office. Professional medical services offered range from Botox treatment of movement related facial wrinkles to reversal of aging facial deflation with a variety of easily inserted volume fillers. Our treatments also range from laser hair permanent reduction and facial rejuvenations to fat dissolving medication, Kybella for “double chins.”

UltraDerm embraces your ideal philosophy … Safety. Service. Satisfaction.

No voice prompting machines answer our phones during business hours; trained and caring professionals will answer your calls. Unlike many MedSpa’s operated by non-physicians or doctors from fields unrelated to aesthetic skin conditions, all care and service at UltraDerm is provided or supervised by  Plastic Surgeon Dr. Steven  Garner.  Our amazing team of fully licensed Registered Nurses (RN’S) and Estheticians (LE’s) are Masters of their crafts and are gifted in their ability to provide safe and compassionate care. No one is ever a “patient lite” at UltraDerm, as we provide only the highest level of medical care equally to patients having life-saving major operations and to those patients having elective beautifying treatments.

All consultations offered are professional and personalized evaluations and counsel experiences with no unwelcomed or pressured sales pitches. Simply providing the highest possible quality medical treatment and service has elevated UltraDerm to become the true gold standard for a luxurious, professional, and caring MedSpa providing spectacular results in patients thrilled with their care, their services and their results.

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