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Ultimate Medical Excellence
Unique Beauty & Skin Health

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ambiance of the entire UltraDerm MedSpa office?

UltraDerm is a highly professional Medical Office elegantly designed and maintained to provide our patients with the finest in tranquil, healthy, and discreet care. Your privacy & serenity deserve our exclusion of any cell phone usage inside the building. For the comfort of all of our patients, other arrangements for children or pets should be made. Please feel free to call our administrator prior to your appointment if you have any special circumstances or concerns.

Where is parking available?

UltraDerm has a well-marked and private lot reserved exclusively for UltraDerm patients during treatment. Providing this for you includes 24/7 parking lot surveillance by offsite security and immediate towing of all other cars. Our Handicapped Space ethically & legally must also be protected for our special needs UltraDerm patients only. Free public parking is available on Mission Drive next to our office and at adjacent Dominican Hospital. Please refrain from parking in any other private tow zones as UltraDerm cannot be responsible. UltraDerm provides parking, access, and facilities in full ADA compliance for the fair and compassionate care of all UltraDerm patients. All other persons or patients blocking such access for UltraDerm patients will be towed or removed immediately at owner’s expense.

What payment options does UltraDerm offer?

UltraDerm happily accepts credit cards (credit card logs VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS) and currency but not checks. Care Credit Healthcare Financing is also available with advance arrangements. Skin care products and services are not refundable.

What is UltraDerm’s cancellation policy?

Your scheduled appointment at UltraDerm reserves a special time for you with one of our Skin Care Specialists. As is customary, 24 hour minimum advance notice is necessary when cancelling or rescheduling your reserved time for any reason to avoid a $50 non-negotiable charge.

Can I receive treatments at UltraDerm if I am pregnant or breast feeding?

The majority of our treatments are not approved for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. Always inform the UltraDerm staff prior to scheduling if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

What is the policy regarding animals at UltraDerm?

Service Animals- Please always inform staff if you have a service animal need so we can safely accommodate you and all other patients. In full ADA compliance and identical to the Dominican Hospital Campus policy, only true service animals are permitted inside our medical office where procedures are performed. This excludes all other emotional support therapy, comfort, or companion animals at all times per ADA law. Please do not leave any animals locked in car outside office due to animal safety and noise as all violations must be reported to sheriff.

Please tell me which Health Care Specialist will be providing my treatment?

All UltraDerm services are provided exclusively by expert and fully licensed Health Care Specialists under the Medical Direction & Supervision of our Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Steven L. Garner. Most of our patients welcome the gentle care of our incredibly talented & experienced RN’s as in a hospital where IV medications and injections are delivered by a caring nurse under physician supervision. Our Medical Director is available for both consultation and treatment. You always have a choice at UltraDerm.

What can I expect at my first visit to UltraDerm?

On your first visit to UltraDerm , you will be warmly greeted by our reception staff and fill out customary paperwork regarding your health history. In the comfort and privacy of a luxurious treatment room, your goals and treatment options will then be carefully reviewed and all of your questions answered.

Can I get a consult and treatment in the same appointment?

It is absolutely possible to be treated at the same visit as your initial evaluation depending on your specific needs and requests. Please discuss your wishes at the time you make your appointment and we will endeavor to accommodate whatever is best for you.

What are potential benefits of non-surgical options?

Non- surgical treatments commonly offer faster recovery, lower risks, and avoidance of scars. Most important is the determination of what is best suited for you as a unique individual.

How long is a typical Botox appointment?

Most Botox appointments are less than 30 minutes. For the time duration of other services appointments, please refer to the Treatment section for specifics.

Can I go back to work after a Botox treatment?

Most Botox patients drive themselves to their appointments and return immediately to routine activities. While bruising and swelling are usually minimal, UltraDerm clearly counsels patients regarding atypical risks.

Can I go back to work after an IPL treatment?

Much like Botox treatments, most IPL patients drive themselves to their appointments and return immediately to routine activities. Post treatment redness and swelling can vary and will be thoroughly discussed at your consultation.

What will my filler treatment and appointment involve?

UltraDerm offers our “filler patients” the option of a 20 minute pre-treatment application of a topical numbing cream in a quiet private space. The patient is then escorted into a luxurious treatment room where the desired services are provided.

Does bruising occur after any injection?

Bruising and swelling are typically minimal following Botox or filler treatments. The possible range or degree will be thoroughly discussed at your consultation.

Are Gift Certificates available for purchase?

UltraDerm Gift Certificates are available for purchase in any denomination. Please call our office in advance and we will prepare a beautifully packaged Gift Certificate that will be ready for you upon your arrival.